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Workshop in Hamburg

Werbeck-Svärdström & Michael Chekhov Technique

2.4.2017 - 7.4.2017
in HAMBURG Alfred Schnittke Akademie International

Two unique techniques for the stage will meet at this workshop. Participants will cover some effective training elements of the Werbeck Technique to enable a free voice for singing. Werbeck exercises covered will be invaluable to your on-going personal training. The Chekhov Technique will work with imagination and psychological gesture to support a free and fluid interpretation of the songs.
With Olga Gorodkova (Singer, Director of ASAI) &
Joerg Andrees (Theatre/Film Director, Director of MCIA)

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Contact: info@chekhovacademy.com


Michael Chekhov Technique
for Actors

Characterisation through Imaginary Body and Imaginary Centre

Saturday 28. April 2018
Tutor: Joerg Andrees

This one day workshop will focus on using the wonderful Michael Chekhov tools of both Imaginary Body and Imaginary Centre. Through these tools you will explore how the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique can be used for characterisation. Each participant will receive a short monologue in order to try out these tools to create a character. At the end of the day these monologues will be presented to the group which will bring together this experience of free and creative acting.

10.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00
Costs: 75,- €
(limited participation)

Booking and Information: info@chekhovacademy.com

Workshop in Ireland

A Scene in the Air
Writing with the Michael Chekhov acting technique
by Joerg Andrees

Thur 17th – Sun 20th May 2018
Croí Anú Creative Centre, Moone, Co Kildare

The workshop delivers some unique tools for writers, who would like to write to expand their creative possibilities, for expression through writing.
This time we want go to short scenes – compact and embracing meaningful content that the writer has in mind – but also having the possibility of being a surprise for the writer himself/herself. The scenes may be suitable for stage or film.

We will work with Observation, Imagination, full body movement and other artistic work. This is to fire the inspiration and give it a structure. Talks about Characterisation, Stage Actions, Good and Evil in Characters and about Scene-structures will complete the work.

Michael Chekhov gave wonderful suggestions for the writer in his book “To the director and playwright” on the creation of unique characters and situations. Through these suggestions the writer develops a love for his imaginative characters and their life. The workshop will provide the writer with an insight/path for further creative work.
A reading session at the end will round up the workshop for all.

For further information:
Information and Booking:info@croianu.ie. / Tel: +353 0878381933
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Workshop in Berlin

Good and Evil in Characters
A Workshop with JOERG ANDREES and Colleagues


This workshop will examine both characters and themes of good and evil from works by Marina Carr, Neil LaBute and Harold Pinter. By using various elements of the Michael Chekhov Technique, such as psychological gesture, imaginary body, imaginary centre and atmosphere, participants will find a way to act characters from contemporary plays with joy and freedom from their own emotional memory.

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Contact: info@chekhovacademy.com or call/text Joerg Andrees +49 170 2429 734

If you would like Joerg Andrees to give a Master Class or a workshop in your country, or you would like to plan a special workshop for a group of colleagues or friends please email info@chekhovacademy.com with possible dates and an approximate number of participants that would be attending. We will then be in contact with you.